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a lot more is still ahead in our next hour. breaking news to pass on regarding a massive apartment fire. good morning washington at 5:00 a.m. begins right now. captioned by the national captioning institute >> good morning washington once again. thanks for joining us. >> weather changes on the way beginning today. we head straight to your weather and traffic every 10 minutes. let's start with adam. later on this afternoon, we will see some showers. the heaviest rain later tonight and midday tomorrow. here is a look at temperatures right now.
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culpeper is comfortable at 56. low humidity as well. morning sunshine. highs in the mid 70 kooky. -- 70's. tomorrow, heavy rains off and on in nature. now back to lisa on our morning commute. it is quiet. no problems to flare up in front of view in baltimore. let's go to breaking news with a greta and allison. emergency crews are on the scene of this two-alarm apartment fire along the third 100 block of 15th street. emergency officials confirm at least eight people have been transported to the hospital. some are critically injured in
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this blaze. several people are still being evacuated from emergency crews at the scene. the fire appears to have started on the fifth floor of the apartment building. we are following this story all morning long. violence erupts at a busy d.c. intersection moments after a funeral for a homicide victim, shots rang out and another person is dead. it is around the crowded "u" street corridor. >> good morning. this happened in broad daylight. police are continuing their search for suspects. it happened outside a church. hundreds of people were gathered there for a funeral homicide victor -- victim.
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authorities say a car fired shots and left the scene colliding with another car. a man was injured and another man died at the scene. it is not clear if he died from the car crash or gunfire. they do not know if any charges have been filed. abc 7 news. there is justice for the victims of the so-called silver springs rapist. yesterday, a jury convicted 63 year-old fletcher worrell. he was linked to 25 rapes in three states. local authorities say he raised it least nine women in montgomery county. >> he broke into a home.
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a woman was in the house along with a five-year old child. we hope he gets a sentence that means he will never walk the streets again. >> he will be sentenced next month in montgomery county. former president jimmy carter and is still expected to speak at george washington university tonight despite a health scare in yesterday. he spent the night in cleveland hospital after complaining about an upset stomach. he will be released early this morning. president obama will be in richmond talking about his efforts to improve the economy. he will hold a similar event in iowa this morning. and he goes back to school to try to energize young voters.
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>> the stakes are too high for our country and future. >> democrats and the young people's votes to keep their status in congress. but 55% plan to vote in november according to a poll. >> i was excited about him getting elected. i am not really excited anymore. >> we do not have an inspiring figure to rally behind. >> kathleen sebelius did her part by rallying university of maryland students last night. we are following a developing story this morning. the eiffel tower shut down again because of terrorist threats. >> they are working on and not specific threats. the morning. -- good morning.
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>> we were talking about homeland security a few days ago. authorities say they are seeing more terrorist activities such as threats. we are getting new evidence about concerns you were talking about. in paris, they evacuated the eiffel tower. it was a false alarm but the second evacuation in a few weeks. there may be a series of new terrorist attacks in europe and possibly the united states. it comes after questioning a captured the hottest. -- jihadist. he said that osama bin laden had approved the you attack. officials say some of the recruits were from the same
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mosque where 9/11 terrorists gathered. abc 7 news. back to you. still to come, a headset for mass transit riders in virginia. a lonely track. we will break down the latest poll for the governor race. a the calm before the storm. a check on traffic and weather every 10 minutes when
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>> welcome back. tropical depressions 16 will continue to go do north right into the washington area. it will push a lot of moisture into our region. it should become tropical storm -- nicole later this morning. heavy rainfall later tonight and mostly through the day tomorrow. temperatures are comfortable.
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fredericksburg is a little bit warmer. mid 70 degree temperature range today. late day showers and increasing clouds can be expected. the major story is happening in nbc but regarding a large structure fire. we will keep on top of that. as a commuter, used georgia avenue and steer clear of 16 straight road. that is a major commuter route for the morning. it will not be accessible to you. other traffic near the beltway is good. back to you.
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thanks. 60 degrees. twitter gets a makeover. what users are saying about the upgrade. another shooting on a college campus.
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>> welcome back, everybody. we continue to follow breaking news for several people were taken to the hospital after a two -- two-alarm fire at an apartment building on 16th street. here is the latest. eight people have been taken to the hospital. others are being looked at right now. two of those in the hospital are in critical condition. 16th street on the third 100 block near irving street. officers got the call early in
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the morning. when they got here, they found this floor of the apartment building was on fire with heavy smoke. the hallway was involved with fire and smoke, making it difficult for residents to escape. a number of people had been severely burned. one man jumped out of a window and hit a fence on the way down. he is in the hospital, possibly in critical condition -- condition. it is unclear what started the fire. investigators are looking at this. this is across the street from a middle school. it will be blocked off for some time as firefighters continue their investigation. many individuals are out of this apartment building. they are trying to find someplace to live.
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>> thanks. keep us posted. in our other top stories this wednesday morning, a man is dead after a gunman opened fire on a funeral procession in broad daylight. it happened yesterday. a vehicle fled the scene, smashed into a car, and flipped over. a man died at the scene. police believe it may be gang- related. and officials say they have intercepted a terror plot on the eiffel tower in paris. it has been evacuated twice in the past coming weeks -- in the past week's four bomb threats. and a shooting at the university of texas in austin. no one was hurt when a 19 year old started shooting and later killed himself on the campus library.
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turning now to battle grand -- battleground maryland. one candidate is out in front. gov. martin o'malley has an 11 point advantage. 52% for him versus 41% for bob ehrlich. for a closer look at the race, join us for battleground 2010. we will look at both candidates and the that other important races tonight at 7:00. former president bill clinton will give barbara mikulski a hand. that will be on october 10. she faces a republican in the november election. vre will test a new engine
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can handle the load this morning. officials say the new engine is designed to pull 10 cars. amtrak is planning on spending billions of dollars over the next 30 years to drastically cut travel times on the east coast. the proposal for high-speed rail service -- no money in the funding. it could reduce travel time between the district and new york city to 84 minutes. twitter gets a new look and kindle makes a move to the web. >> another way to read ebooks. an application allows digital
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book buyers to read their books in a web browser without downloading software. they can send samples to france for e-mail, facebook, and twitter. and twitter has its most dramatic overhaul since it was launched several years ago. you can check out pictures and video without using the site. >> i think it is much easier to consume information on the site, but not as easy to post as it should be. you cannot easily add photos or videos within >> you can read her full comments on the website. time to find out when the rain is going to start. >> it will hit us around
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midnight in later on into tomorrow. currently it is comfortable. hyattsville 60 degrees. manassas 57 degrees. dry air, very comfortable outside. open the window, it is a pleasant day. high temperatures around middle 70's. tomorrow it will be warmer, because tropical moisture is moving our way. further to our west, clear skies. the green you see is from rain showers. a lot more is to come behind it. we will see the clouds increase throughout the morning in
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midday. later tonight, midnight until noon, the heaviest rain. 75-80 degrees tomorrow. we will clear back out on friday and into the weekend. it looks very pleasant and similar to fall. a lot of sunshine. this is what we are waiting for. a little bit of moisture. some of that can be too much and turn into flooding, that is tomorrow. we are waiting for quiet stuff. note issues to report for metrorail. -- no issues to report for metro rail.
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do not go near 16th street this morning because of the apartment fire there. thanks. fire there. thanks. 58 more bold flavor!onds! more variety! more value! more of what you want... not what you don't. blue diamond almonds. (play-by-play announcer) it's up and it is... good! more than a snack.
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>> see you later. game over.
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the phillies were beaten 2-1 last night. >> a lot of the celebrating going on. >> the fan favorite is set to become a free agent. >> here is the rest of the sports news. >> the washington wizards have had a couple of practices. training camp is in high gear. john wall is everything you read about. he is all that. he was raining threes is today. he loves to play and get into it with his teammates. he has a serious side as well. >> he knows what we are doing as well as anybody. he has enthusiasm. he is picking things up quickly. >> a feisty preseason game in
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the phone booth. here are the highlights. cody with the game winner in the third period. 3-2 was the final. have a great day, everybody. the news continues as "good morning washington" continues at 5:30. >> a host -- the host start using instant replay to clear of a political controversy. gunfire erupts outside a church. details on that story coming up. from drought to potential flooding. from drought to potential flooding. the
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>> coming up this tough higher, breaking news. a local apartment complex up in flames. residents are running for their lives. good morning, washington. it is september 29. >> thanks for joining us. that apartment fire, in just a moment. first, let's check weather and traffic. we are expecting big changes later in the day. >> we could use a few more showers around here. fees for famine. heavy rainfalls commission later tonight and tomorrow. a pleasant start for our day.
5:30 am
sunshine to start and very low humidity. open your window. frederick 52. flash flood watch kicks in later on tonight. rivers and streams could quickly rise. rain in florida pushing its way up here. most of the rain will be midnight tonight through midday tomorrow. lisa? 16th is a major commuter road in the morning. use georgia avenue in stead. -- instead. sneezing. allergies. traffic is going to be stuck in that area due to an apartment
5:31 am
fire. i checked with metrorail. they are on normal services. now to the latest development in northwest. we get right to our breaking news. flames broke out at an apartment building in the third 100 block of 16th street. eight people were hurt. emergency crews are on the scene right now. our reporter is there with the late breaking developments. >> of those eight people taken to the hospital, one was a child. five were taken to the burn center. a couple of others to george washington hospital. a very hectic scene. a number of individuals living in this apartment complex that has been evacuated. this started on the fifth floor of the apartment building. it happened in the common area,
5:32 am
making it difficult for residents to get out. one resident jumped out of a winter of and is probably in critical condition. you got the call and were immediately on the scene. >> we received a call at 3:45 this morning. upon arrival, heavy fire conditions on the floor with people hanging out of the windows. numerous latter rescues from the fire fighters. inside, many citizens were trying to self-evacuate at the time. >> any indication on how this started or y? >> no indication at this time. we are investigating the fire and origin of it. it may have started in the common area, which makes it
5:33 am
tough for the occupants to escape. it is important to have two route of escape. and have a smoke detector in your home. for the individual that jumped, any indication on his status? >> we do not know if it is a male or female. when the individual was transported from the scene, cpr was in progress. >> what is next for you all out here? the fire contained. >> yes. the investigation process is underway. we want to help citizens to get back in to get things they may need. >> thanks so much for being out here so early in the morning with us. it will affect morning rush hour.
5:34 am
it is on 16th street near irving. many of the streets are blocked off further down. residents are still out here waiting for word on whether they can get in. others are on metro buses trying to stay out of the cool weather and recover at this time. >> the fire is out, they are mopping up? >> yes, the fire is out. they are trying to get some people back in so they can get belongings. many people have bags that are walking tried to get to the homes of relatives. one eye witness sought a jumper and said it was a dramatic situation. and he sought individuals with burns on their body. >> much more on that a little bit later. thanks for the report.
5:35 am
a deadly drive-by shooting after a funeral for a murder victim. gunfire in broad daylight yesterday. what is latest? >> last night, investigators worst -- were in the neighborhood canvassing the streets searching for the suspect. violence outside of this memorial baptist church claimed the life of jamal cook. >> i heard gunshots go off. it happened moments after the funeral for a homicide victim was coming to a close. it is believed that a fight broke out among rival gang members. shock -- shots run out.
5:36 am
>> i do not know who caused this. >> the car fled from the scene and collided with another car and flipped. jamal was in the car and died at the scene. many say he was a young man working to turn his life around. >> i viewed him as a young man who had come to grips with what he had done in the past. >> another man in the car suffered injuries. an autopsy will be performed to determine if it was gunfire or the accident that killed him. abc 7. >> another conviction for the so-called silver springs rapist. he was found guilty of one of dozens of suspected attacks. several years ago he was connected to several rapes in three states. he is serving back-to-back
5:37 am
sentences in new york and new jersey. we look at the day ahead. a health scare will not keep former president jimmy carter from speaking at george washington university today. he went to the hospital for an upset stomach. the current president will be in virginia today. he will speak about his administration's efforts to improve the struggling economy. a similar event will be held in ireland -- iowa. how a report on water contamination held open the lines of communication. a big development in a battleground maryland. one candidate gems off to a big lead. another check on weather and lead. another check on weather and traffic when we come
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four years ago, bob ehrlich got fired as governor of maryland. for good reason. first, he protected tax loopholes for giant cable cable companies. then, he let utilities jack up our rates 72%. and for the last four years, he worked as a hired gun for big corporations, even a bank that took billions from a taxpayer funded bailout. ehrlich sides with corporate executives again and again and again tell bob ehrlich big banks and billionares don't need help. middle class marylanders do.
5:40 am
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>> almost 5:45 this morning on good morning washington. the showers from florida and the gulf of mexico will make their way up here. a lot of moisture, a conveyor belt of tropical moisture coming from the can -- caribbean making its way to the washington area. clouds will be on the increase with this abundant moisture. this could likely turn into a tropical storm a call later this afternoon. heavy showers later tonight and into tomorrow. 75 degrees is the high temperature. heaviest rain midnight until noon tomorrow. gusty as well tomorrow. we have had all kinds of information coming on about 16th
5:42 am
street and irving street. a structure fire there. stay clear of a 14th -- 14th street is an alternate and 13th street. 95 and the baltimore and washington park a pretty clean. no issues out of southern maryland. to 10 is the scent. traffic out of springfield, look at those headlights. thanks. it is that time of day. 5:42. clearing the air on "dancing with the star's". we will hear about the latest. a frantic search for survivors after the birth crumbles.
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>> we are falling breaking news out of northwest d.c.. several people have been injured in an apartment fire that broke out around 3:45 this morning. it appeared to have happen in a common area which made it difficult for residents to escape. paramedics are evaluating this. we will look at our other top stories of the day. a man was killed when a gunman opened fire on a funeral procession in broad daylight. police say a vehicle fled the scene, smashed into another car, and flipped -- flipped over. this could be gang-related. a senior -- a senior u.s. officials say there were credible threats of a terrorist
5:47 am
attack on the eiffel tower. it was evacuated for the second time in a couple of weeks. rescuers will resume searching for people missing after a landslide buried many. homes in mexico. there were earlier estimates that hundreds of people were missing. that number has been reduced. the latest development from battleground maryland. one candidate is pulling ahead. gov. martin o'malley has an 11 point advantage over bob ehrlich. the poll has a margin of error of 3.5%. that is a big jump for o'malley. the top issue for voters is the economy. for more information on that in
5:48 am
other races, attention to our battleground 2010 election special tonight at 7:00 right here on abc 7. now more news from around the region. arlington is the first county in virginia to drop out of a immigration program. it allows local police to share information with the federal government about people who are arrested, including immigration status. e poverty rates for children in d.c. are skyrocketing. three out of 10 children in the district were living in poverty -- poverty last year. it increased seven percentage points from the year before. black children 43%, hispanic children 13%, white children,
5:49 am
3%. and listen to this. a new study that finds laws banning texting behind the wheel may cause more crashes. drivers are lowering their phones so police can not see them when they are texting. the maryland hands free cell phone law takes effect friday. got to be careful. time for traffic and weather every 10 minutes. we will get a rain upon. at the moisture moving in. this includes the entire viewing area with few exceptions. if flash flood warnings will be in effect going into tonight and tomorrow. this is what we have coming.
5:50 am
rivers, creeks, and streams could overflow. right now, rain action down in florida and cuba. eastern north carolina and near georgia. a conveyor belt of tropical moisture from the south headed due north. what you see here, the white, yellow, and read is essentially cloud cover. tropical depressions 16 has formed and is pumping a lot of moisture into the atmosphere. that will continue late tomorrow and into the next day. it will translate into rain showers. an increase in clouds and rainshowers.
5:51 am
start in southern maryland and head north word. temperatures topping out around 75 degrees. heavy showers between midnight and noon tomorrow. 2 to 4 inches of rain is possible with this system. it will become dusty. -- gusty. growing volumes of 1 debt at09. -- spotted at 109. no problems at the duke street. did you can't -- catch any
5:52 am
"dancing with the star's"? >> i did not. >> michael bolton was sent packing last night. some harsh criticism for his jive saying is that when 1010 could have done better. -- rin tin tin could have done better. he had to leave for a concert after the show. >> i did the sound of music on stage. we will do the waltz. >> my situation -- [unintelligible] >> they will take on the samba, waltz, and foxtrot next week. >> kenya imagine getting on a
5:53 am
dance floor in front of millions of people? -- can you imagine getting on a dance floor in front of millions of people? [booes] >> michele has released new video ending the controversy over sarah palin and billing over the episode. -- booing in the episode. it was at the judge's not at the sarah palin. this is the first time they have used this replay function to clarify issues from a previous night. >> you are w
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>> welcome back. we have an update on a story we did on water contamination. >> officials are open up lines of communications. they believe there is a cancer cluster leads to water contaminated toxic chemicals during a certain time frame. they believe the contamination still exists at dangerous
5:57 am
levels. one resident that has cancer has talked about this. >> if you talk to people in this community who have lost their whole family -- it must stop. we need to know what of risks we are dealing with. >> yesterday, leaders announced they are forming a committee that is informing the public about a laboratory and research project. >> 5:57 is the time. more to come in our next hour of "but morning washington." a major -- good morning washington." a major fire causing some people to leave for their lives at an apartment complex. we will have the details
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> coming up, a major breaking a major apartment fire. we will have the latest from the scene. >> the eiffel tower of actuated -- infatuated. the details coming up. >> big developments in

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